Welcome to our find a New Hampshire Sugarhouse App!

How To Plan a Trip

Creating an account

First step in being able to create a trip is registering for an account by Clicking Here.  This will allow you to save your trips as well as make changes to them so you can access them later. You will need to confirm your email upon registering.

Creating a new trip

There are a couple of ways that you can create a trip so that locations can be added to it. After you are logged in you will have access to the following options.

  1. You can do this by visiting the Plan a Sugarhouse Trip page and clicking the Create New Trip button.
  2. As you are browsing around the Sugarhouse Map and clicking the Read More button to go to a specific Sugarhouse Location page, On the Sugarhouse Location page you will see two buttons under the map: Create New Trip and Add To Existing Trip. Creating a new trip will give you the ability to name your new trip where as the Add To Existing Trip assumes you have already created the new trip. You do have to create a trip before you can add to an existing trip.

Viewing a Sugarhouse Trip

From the Plan a Sugarhouse Trip page you can click the View link for the trip you are wanting to view. You will then be brought to the trips page where you will see a map of all the trips locations and also a list of all the locations beneath that.

Editing a Trip

From the Plan a Sugarhouse Trip page you can click the Edit link and be brought to the edit a trip page. From here you will be able to remove specific locations from your trip or add new locations from your trip.

Deleting a Trip

From the Plan a Sugarhouse Trip page you can click the Delete link and remove a trip from your profile.